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Mission Statement

„ZELTHELD“ is a festival service provider for the rental of camping tents and accessories including their assembly and disassembly during multi-day music festivals or other open air events.

The service is focused on visitors of open air festivals and here especially on the employed and well-funded core target group between ages 25 to 35.

Due to the increasing attraction of festival sponsorship and in particular the application of exclusive sponsor camps this service is as well extremely interesting for festival sponsors. ZELTHELD supports the dedicated companies on request with the complete organisation of an exclusive "sponsor camp". This includes the entire pre- and post-processing work, i.e. procuring the necessary equipment including tents, their assembly and disassembly as well as the branding of the used materials. We would be pleased to send you further information on request.

The „heroic deed”

For the visitors of music festivals fun is in the foreground. Community feeling, listen to music together, party and even to relax together makes a music festival an unforgettable experience for everyone.

The service of "ZELTHELD" reduced the organisational and coordination effort for the festival visitors in terms of procurement and transportation of the required camping equipment and accessories and their assembly and disassembly on the campsite - all at extremely reasonable prices. After all, despite the extraordinary and exuberant atmosphere at music festivals comfort and uncomplicated processes are demanded by the visitors.

This is how the service works

ZELTHELD offers its services with a professional online booking portal. The festival visitors enters via a ZELTHELD banner/textlink on your event website and reaches directly the site Here the visitors will be able to preorder and pay their desired equipment. At the arrival they register at the „ZELTHELD“-service tent on the festival campsite.

There the visitors will be provided with the exact location of their pre-pitched tent (possibly already equipped with ordered accessories) – ready to enjoy.

Benefits for the visitor

  • No need to have their own camping material
  • No transportation of camping equipment, tents and all the other accessories
  • No need to queue up prior to the opening of the campsite to get a decent camping spot – freely choose the date and time of the arrival
  • No inconvenient and time-killing assembly/disassembly of the equipment
  • No cleaning or even reassembling the tent and equipment for drying afterwards
  • 24 h customer support during the complete festival by „ZELTHELD“-crew
  • Being green: Economizing resources and saving CO2 because of renting and not buying camping equipment for just one use. The equipment will be reused.

Your cooperation benefits

  • Increasing attractiveness of your festival by expanding your service offer without own administration effort – ZELTHELD only needs the entry to the campground before opening and integration on the festival website
  • Additional earnings
  • Special discount for your employees and supplieres
  • Reduction of your costs and efforts for waste management, because our areas will be left absolutely cleaned
  • Free advertising on and at our social media profiles, and through other marketing activities

You are interested in a cooperation?

Please don´t hesitate to contact me.

Martin Schmid


Telefon: +49.179.24 28 317