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Green is not only our logo

The basic idea of ZELTHELD is based not only in less stress for festival-goers or to ensure a decent camping spot. We are also particularly keen to reduce the amount of waste and the consumption of resources! Those who've seen a campsite after a festival know what we are talking about: hundreds of abandoned tents, air mattresses and camping chairs. Whether it’s because inferior material was purchased for single-use or because the visitors were simply too lazy to carry their stuff back home. This is neither economically nor eco-friendly - and moreover the organizer must pay for the disposal, which ends up in increasing ticket prices.

The rental service of ZELTHELD reduces this problem because we only rent high quality and durable materials and we are leaving the campsite as we have found it: clean!

Conserving natural resources

We often hear that you can buy the tents for our rental rates. Well, that may be. But apart from the service we offer (assembling, transport, decent spot, 24h on-site support) everyone should also ask himself: How often do I need a tent or an air mattress per year? Does it really make sense to buy your own camping gear and to burn the resources needed for the production if you do camping only once or twice a year? But you can rent it for the same price and you don’t have to worry about durability, transportation, cleaning and storage.

In an era of dwindling resources this "Collaborative Consumption" becomes more important.

Sustainable products

In addition we use almost exclusively products of the brand Quechua. One of the few outdoor manufacturers who are trying to produce their products as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. More information about Quechua and their eco-design policy can be found here: